Alien Head Table SOLD

One of a kind! 
Top: Norway Spruce, Legs: Bark on Red Pine Sapling, Skirt: White Oak
Dismantles easily for transporting.
Dimensions: Table: H: 31″  W: 33″-36″  L: 54″ – Weight: Approx. 96 lbs 
$1800.00 – SOLD 

The story goes—A client asked me to make his family dining room table with the top being 36″x54″. I went to my special table stock and chose Norway Spruce. I took two pcs. off the pile and planed them down. I got the log from a parking lot that was overgrown in Fleischmanns from a local big equipment operator/logger. When he delivered it he exclaimed that it had three times the amount of limbs that a normal Norway Spruce has. I was excited and sawed it right away , stickered and kiln dried the lumber , then put in dry storage.

A few years later a client stopped by and asked for something special in a 36″x54″ top size dining table. He exclaimed that his teenage son wanted to help with the table to give to his mom for her birthday and I agreed. I immediately thought of this Norway Spruce I had in storage. Took two pcs from the pile and planed down and strait line ripped the planks so we could see the grain pattern. I took the two pcs. and put them together and this Alien Head appeared. Called the clients and they were pleased so we went ahead with project. This was in Feb. of 2012. I asked them what they wanted for leg support system and they said they had Red Pine Saplings on their property they could cut and bring them to me to dry. When they brought them I told them the bark may fall off during drying process. I was wrong because it not only stayed on, it cemented itself to the sapwood and gave us that beautiful redish color.